UK Trademark

UK Trademark Registration

One of the most significant business assets is goodwill. Trademarks help ensure that only the business owner has control over their brand. Below are some benefits of getting a trademark registered in the UK.

• You can take legal action against the person(s) who have used your registered trademark without your permission.
• You will be allowed to use the ® symbol next to your brand name or logo to signal that it is trademarked and protected.
• Because it is intellectual property, as the brand grows in value, so will trademark’s value.
• Trademarks can be licensed and sold.

After verifying that the trademark you want registered is not already taken, you can apply and submit the application. The entire process can take up to 4 months. Once approved, a trademark stays valid for ten years. It can be subsequently renewed for a fee.



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The video below discusses US trademark registration, but the general concepts also apply to UK trademark registration.

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