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Canada Trademark Registration

Trademarks are essential to protecting a brand’s image and ensures that your consumers can recognize the brand just at a glance. Trademarks are different from patent, copyright, integrated circuit topographies, and industrial designs.
In Canada, registering a trademark is not mandatory, but unregistered trademarks have limited scope of protection. Getting the trademark registered allows you to challenge the unauthorized usage of your brand’s identity in a court of law. Below are additional benefits and advantages of getting a registered trademark:
• Exclusive use of the trademark across Canada and nationwide protection.
• It helps build trust and identity, especially when the business intends to take things global.
• Trademarks can grow in value like an asset, as the entity’s reputation strengthens and can become extremely valuable intellectual property.
• You can monitor and block counterfeit products at the Canadian border.
• If you are applying for protection of trademark in other countries, you can do by claiming priority to your Canada trademark application or registration.
• It will lower the cost of enforcing a trademark as opposed to fighting a legal battle when you do not have a trademark.
• Trademarks can be sold, transferred, or bequeathed to someone else, permanently or temporarily.
The process of registration is relatively easy. The first step is to research whether your proposed trademark is already taken up by someone else or is similar to a registered one. The next step is to submit the application with the required details, fees, and documents. An Examiner will then review your application and approve it if everything is up to order and no third party has contested the trademark.
After registration, a trademark is valid for ten years and can be renewed for another ten years, recurringly, after the payment of the requisite fee. However, if, after successful registration, you fail to utilize the trademark, it will be expunged from the Register of Trademarks.



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The video below discusses US trademark registration, but the general concepts also apply to India trademark registration.


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