Amazon Brand Registry Trademark Requirements

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

The Amazon Brand Registry program is designed to help brands protect their intellectual property (IP) rights. It offers the participating brands with search and report tools, greater control over product listing pages, and dedicated support.


How to Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry

Brands can enroll in the registry program by following these steps:
1) Review Amazon Brand Registry eligibility requirements
2) Log into the Amazon Brand Registry website
3) Enroll the brand


Amazon Brand Registry Eligibility

The eligibility requirements of the Amazon Brand Registry program include, but are not limited to, the following:
• A trademark that is pending registration in the relevant country
• An active registered trademark in the relevant country
• An active Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central account
• No prior enrollments in Amazon Brand Registry with an identical registered trademark
• The trademark must be in text, or an image with words, letters, or numbers

The information needed for enrollment includes:
• A brand name that has an active trademark
• Trademark registration number
• Product listing categories for the brand
• Country of manufacture and distribution


Amazon Brand Registry Countries

It is important to note here that Amazon Brand Registry is not available everywhere. The program is currently accepting trademarks issued by trademark authorities in the United States (US), Canada, European Union (EU), United Arab Emirates (UAE), India, Australia, Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom (UK), and a few other countries. Those brands whose trademarks are registered by WIPO are required to give the trademark number associated with the national office, which may be different from the WIPO trademark registration number.



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The video below discusses US trademark registration, but the general concepts also apply to trademark registration in other countries.


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