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US Copyright

Copyright   Intellectual Property US Copyright Copyright is a form of protection of intellectual property. It is used to retain the ownership rights of authors and does not take effect until the property has been worked into a tangible form… Read More »US Copyright


Intellectual Property A copyright provides the creator with the exclusive right to reproduce their creative work, generally for a limited period of time. Such a work may be within the realm of performance art, visual arts, literary works, and other… Read More »Copyright

Australia Design

Design Patent   Intellectual Property Australia Designs A design right can help you prevent someone from stealing your product’s design and making money off your imagination and careful creation. Any product that is intangible form and is being sold on… Read More »Australia Design

EU Design

Design Patent   Intellectual Property EU Design       The European Union (EU) Design Regulation defines a design as the appearance of a product due to its features, particularly “the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture and/or materials of the… Read More »EU Design

India Design

Design Patent   Intellectual Property India Design     The Indian Design system is based on the Indian Design Act of 2000, which came into effect in 2001. Design registrations can be granted for products based on their aesthetic value.… Read More »India Design