Discounted US Patent Applications Fees for Micro Entity Status

US Patent Application Fees Discounted for Micro Entity Status Inventors


The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) offers discounted government fees under certain conditions. One of these reduced fee scenarios is where a utility patent applicant or a design patent applicant qualifies for micro entity status under the Gross Income Basis. In order to qualify for micro entity discount on patent fees under the Gross Income Basis, all applicants and inventors listed on the US utility patent application or the US design patent application must meet all of the following requirements:

  • All applicants must qualify as a small entity. For small entity status qualification criteria, please see small entity status.
  • None of the applicants and inventors have been named as an inventor on more than four previously filed applications.
  • None of the applicants and inventors have gross income exceeding the Maximum Qualifying Gross Income limit.
  • Neither the applicants nor the inventors have assigned, granted, or conveyed, nor are under an obligation to assign, grant, or convey, a license or any rights to the patent to another entity that does not meet the Maximum Qualifying Gross Income limit.


The current Maximum Qualifying Gross Income is listed at:


The current USPTO fees for micro entity status applicants can be found at:



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